Board Trustee (Voluntary/Unpaid)

Job description

CPL Group are a group company owned and run by the FE sector under which Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) and Tenet Education services Ltd are situated. CPC provide members with a large number of EU tendered frameworks, procurement training, specialist advice on best spending practices showing how educational institutions can obtain best value for money. Tenet specialise in offering a full portfolio of procurement consultancy services to the education sector and more recently, the wider public sector.

You will help to provide strategic direction for the charity as part of a strong Board and ensure that all appropriate financial, legal and governance checks and balances are in place in accordance with the Articles of Association providing advice in specialist areas. Board Trustees are expected to attend the company’s triannual general meetings, in March, June and November at the Head Office in Salford.

Job requirements

Ideal candidates will be strategic thinkers who can analyse complex information, formulate and provide assistance on strategies and plans of action. They also need to be a team player being both a good listener and able to speak up on issues that are important.

This is a volunteering role and is therefore unpaid, but all travel and accommodation expenses are covered.

For further information please see the attached job specification: